man feeling pain

There are many different types of pain, usually categorized based on what causes it. Knowing which type of pain you are having can help you deal with it effectively. Below are the various types of pain and ways to deal with them.

Common types of pain

Headache pain


Anyone can get a headache, irrespective of age or gender. There are four different types of headaches commonly experienced. The first one is vascular, which refers to headaches caused by blood flow problems. Muscle contraction is the second type of headaches, which is caused by tension of muscles as the name suggests. A traction headache occurs from conditions such as tumors and the fourth, which is inflammatory, occurs due to inflammation. Treatments for a headache may include medication, meditation, biofeedback, and cognitive behavioral therapy among others.

Back pain

Back pain can be caused by a wide variety of factors. Aging, wrong posture, and heavy lifting are just a few of the causes. The pain can be dull and last a long time, or sharp and sudden based on the cause. The treatment options are exercise, medication, weight loss, and massage just to mention a few.

Neck pain

Neck pain is quite common among older people. It is commonly caused by degenerative disc disease, osteoarthritis, infections, sprains, arthritis, and wrong posture when sitting or sleeping. Acute injuries such as accidents can also result in severe neck pain. Treatment for neck pain will greatly depend on what is causing the pain.


This refers to a condition where tenderness or pain is spread to various body parts. It is commonly experienced by women aged between 30 years and 60 years. The pain and fatigue that comes with it can greatly interfere with the lifestyle of the patient. The condition is not easy to treat, but experts say that exercise and chiropractic helps a lot. High Quality Chiropractor in Perth has a good reputation for dealing with the condition quite effectively. There are also some medications which you can use for pain relief.


This refers to the type of arthritis affecting the joints, which is caused by cartilage breakdown. Wear and tear is the most common cause of the breakdown of the cartilage, which makes osteoarthritis more common in active people such as sportspersons. Obesity can also cause it. The pain gets worse with the increase in cartilage breakdown. There is no particular cure for the problem, but over-the-counter and prescription medication can be used to ease the pain.